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Jan 2018


Jim was my last hope of getting my basement renovated properly.  I must admit I was on a budget and was looking for contractors that were affordable for me; this showed in the work that had been done prior to Jim coming and saving the project.  Before Jim I’d had a framer to replace the existing framing – he swore his work was perfect, but the dry-wallers who followed were unable to put up drywall in some areas where he hadn’t framed at all or hadn’t framed properly and left me and my husband with a few areas to do ourselves.  We did the best we could to get the framing/drywall ready for taping/mudding, but it wasn’t perfect.  When Jim and Ron arrived, they were my knights in shining armour. They weren’t mean spirited about the work we’d done ourselves or the poor work the other contractors had done, even though he could clearly see the errors that had been made. 


Jim gave us good advice to prepare before he started his work – advice which would give us a better quality end result, things that the previous ‘professionals’ hadn’t paid any attention to and we were happy for anything that Jim could help us with.


When Jim and Ron arrived to start the job, they were on time and respectful of my home. They communicated clearly and kept me up to date on what was going on. They took measures to protect my property and they worked quickly, efficiently and they cleaned up after themselves!  These two gentlemen were so honest that they even showed me the empty containers of product to prove they weren’t ripping me off.

The final result is a top quality job.  They used their magic to mask a lot of imperfections in my old house and my old tired basement looks brand new again for a very reasonable price.


I looked long and hard to find an honest and reliable contractor and it really is a gamble out there when you really don’t know what you’re getting.  Jim and Ron not only cared about the work that they did, but they also cared about the project as a whole and how it would look after I had primed and painted, they even gave me tips for painting and finishing the rest of the job even though I was trying to save money by doing it myself.


I had several bad experiences  with contractors before and now I couldn’t be happier that I found Jim and Ron to end my renovation on a very high note.  I have no hesitation to recommend this company to anyone, in fact, I think you would be foolish to use anyone else.

Dec 2017

We were very fortunate to hire THE best for our basement renovation which included ceiling removal, drywall installation, priming and painting. We decided to hire Attwood's Drywall & Taping because they have 36 years of experience. Jim and Ron are very skilled and passionate about their workmanship and it shows. Their work is top quality which comes with many years of experience, hard work and dedication. They are very hardworking, dependable with great work ethic and respect for homeowners. They arrived on time every day and did an amazing job cleaning up the space at the end of each day. We were very happy with the quality of their work and can't wait for them to return to tackle our mudroom. Renovations can be stress free if you hire the right professionals. Jim offers fair pricing, doesn't take any money up front and delivers projects on time and on budget. We have already recommended Attwood's Drywall & Taping to our friends. Thanks again Jim and Ron. You rock!

November 2016


We had several contractors give us quotes for a reno we planned in our home that included completely gutting an area and repurposing  it. The quotes came from contractors recommended to us but Jim was straight off an internet search as we were just not feeling confident in any of the contractors we had met so far.

 From the very first Jim impressed us with his enthusiasm for our project and obvious vast knowledge, He was down to earth and gave us great suggestions to save us money and or improve our plan. He gave us a quote which was very reasonable and that is exactly what we paid at the end of the project. They were polite and respectful including the trades people he called in (plumber and electrician) at all times and always cleaned up the work area so we had little to no disruption during the process. The job was done in a timely fashion and was completely on schedule. 

We wanted to do some of the finishings ourselves and he was understanding of that and in fact went out of his way to make sure that he left things so we had an easy time with it and offered all kinds of great advice for us.

We literally have not one complaint, we're very happy with the quality of the workmanship and pleased with our new rooms. 

100% recommmend !!

Oct 2015

Thanks for the 20 plus years we have been working together. There is a good reason why our relationship as exceeded 20 years and that is simply because of the product you consistently provide us. You have always been a man with a wealth of knowledge and we appreciate all the times you have allowed us to pick your brain. To anyone wishing to use your services, I would tell them that your work is above all other we have seen. You are direct, firm, and there is never any guessing about what you think. Your work stands for itself, and Ron and your crew are flawless. It is amazing the quality you achieve in such a short time. We don’t come across a level 4+ finish (level 5 if requested) often. You continuously impress our clients and help make our final product a success. It has been our pleasure to work with both you and Ron and look forward to working with you for many more years to come. 

March 2015

OUTSTANDING!!!!!------Attwood's Drywall was recommended to us by a neighbour because of the excellent quality work they had done at his home.  Attwood's Drywall were a little difficult to schedule but after we saw their work ethic and the outstanding quality of their work we totally understood why they are in such demand. They arrived on time every day, took serious precautions to protect our home while they were working , thoroughly cleaned up at the end of each day and finished on schedule and on budget. You can't get any better than that!

It was a pleasure to watch them work. They are very knowledgeable in a number of fields and willing to share their " trade secrets " with the homeowner for DIY  projects. We were impressed with their professionalism.  There's an artistry to the way they apply tape and "mud" and the finished product was completed to a very high standard. We wish we had found them sooner.


Feb 2015 

Through a referral, I hired Attwood's Drywall and Taping. My first impression of them was impressive, as they were very knowledgeable and extremely professional regarding the construction industry. This being said, you never really know who you're hiring unless you get a referral from a friend or see their work and judge for yourself. In my case, I had the opportunity to witness these guys taping (drywall), and it was amazing watching them work as they are very fast and don't seem to miss a thing. Also, originating from a construction background, I understand the processes involved, and I have come to expect a certain level of excellence. They had an almost artistic approach to there job, yet a bulldog tenacity to get the job done right and on time. They will never leave a job unless it's done right. Therefore, in considering how amazing these guys work, I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional tapers and construction related jobs. In addition, they are well connected in the construction industry, so you wont have to worry about other trades.


Jan 2015 


Hi. My name is Susan after i had to fire my first contractor God sent Attwood's Drywall & Taping to us. They are a dream come true, they do excellent work, are knowledgeable about all aspects of work and  deliver everything they say. They finished my basemeny apt legally. There work is amazing and on time even sooner. Its like ok do a basement use your judgement and let them go at it. Just go on a vacation and when you return WOW its done and at a very reasonable cost. DO NOT LOOK ANY WHERE ELSE . Attwood's Drywall & Taping will keep you in great hands and can do everything for you , they have the contacts that are EXCELLENT. They are honest, reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and Affordable. I will only use these guys for my many jobs to come. THEY DELIVER AND ON TIME ALWAYS. Oh yes i forgot to mention they both have great jokes to tell and will keep you in stitches what a joy.

Truly heaven sent.



Dec 2014

I recently had the privilege of using the services of Attwood's Drywall & Taping to finish an office in my basement. There has been no other contractor that I have used in the past, that has even come close to the quality of work and detailing that they provided on this project. Every square inch of the space was impeccable and finished beautifully. I have and will continue to recommend them to any one who is looking for quality drywall, taping, painting, construction and detailing. They will be back to do more.


Jan 2013 


We were extremely happy with the job you did for us. You both work very fast at what you do. Have great pride in your workmanship, and it definitely shows. You also were always punctual and finished the project on time for being so far away. You quoted us a price and you stuck to it.


Thanks again for all your hard work.


Sept 2012 


I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the fine job Attwood's Drywall & Taping did performing renovations to my home.You were involved in a wide variety of repairs which included textured ceiling repairs, repainting of ceilings, replacement of interior doors and hardware, cosmetic repairs and repainting of the entire interior of my home. The bathroom renovation looks fabulous! I still can't get over how beautiful it looks with the new tub, floor and wall tiles. The quality of workmanship is second to none. I am greatly impressed by the attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction which are displayed in all aspects of your work. The renovations moved along at a smooth pace thanks to your great work ethic. You showed up as expected, got things done at an amazing pace and never left a mess at the end of the day. On a more personal note, I would like to let you both know how thankful I was to be able to leave my home under your care while I was dealing with the passing of my mother. Your good nature and kind words were very supportive. I feel I have made a couple of new friends.I look forward to having you both back early next year to finish my entire basement. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for quality renovations at reasonable rates.


Thank you.


March 2012 


Thanks again for doing our ceilings. We can't get over how fantastic they look! Like one sheet of drywall. :-). You mentioned you have contacts. .. Any chance you know a tiler? We need someone to put in our bathroom floor and the walls around the tub. looking at the end of the month, we're hoping to get the walls framed and tub in soon. Let us know, much appreciated.


Oct 2011 


Its Saturday 6;00 a.m , Im missing you guys , I have another change !!! Just Kidding !!!!! HA!HA!.  We had a great time in Myrtle Beach. Just wanted to let you know that the plumber was in yesterday and installed the vanity and the remaining hook-ups for the tub as well as reinstalled the toilet. All the tiles both the front entrance and the bathroom have been completed and looks great ! (thank God).The remaining stairs will be carpeted this Tuesday Our bathroom is fantastic ! The re positioning of the vanity wall was nothing less than perfect.The walk in closet seems even larger than what it was. We cant believe the amount of space that we gained ! My son is coming today to finish the tub skirt.

So.... My hat is off to the best reno guys .   You guys were truly amazing !  With what we went through with the other trades people , you guys stick out like a Rose in a weed garden. Thanks again for such a great job . Please feel free to use us for a reference any time, and don’t forget to stop around and see the final fruits of your extremely hard and professional labour. Yes Jim, we  will put on the Tea for you and of course Coffee for the grown ups (Ron)and me.

All the best


July 2011


Over the last few years, Attwood's Drywall has provided extensive drywall finishing work at my home in Pickering. This has included taping, plastering and sanding. In all instances, I found them to be a consummate professional. They always completed their work on schedule and on budget, and was also cognizant to keep the work area as clean as possible keeping any disruption to the rest of the house at an absolute minimum.  There workmanship is also excellent. They have an incredible attention to detail. In summary, I have found They are reliable, trustworthy, and to demonstrate excellent workmanship in his trade. I therefore strongly endorse there services without any hesitation.


July 2010


Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are with your project in our basement as well as our master bath and closet. We are very aware of the fact that honest and reliable and knowledgeable trades people are rare, however ya’ll are the best ! I have been involved in many home improvements over the years, and I must say, You and your crew are absolutely the best ! Your work from behind the scenes to the finished surfaces is impeccable ! Your knowledge is second to none with regards to the construction industry. Of course your estimate on timing was bang on as well, well actually you were 12 hours ahead of schedule. Our only problem now, is that we miss you …HA!HA!

Finally as you know we have already referred you to an acquaintance of ours which you have completed as well. My brother says ditto to you and your crew as well. We will continue recommending you to our friends and family with no hesitation. You are welcome to use this email as a recommendation to prospective clients.


Continued success to you and yours